Consumer units


The latest edition of the wiring regulations states that nearly all of circuits in your house must be protected by a residual current device (RCD) depending on location and how the cables in your home have been installed. RCD’s have been designed in order to prevent fatalities in the event of an electric shock, for example if you were to come in to contact with a live wire. If such an incident was to occur, the RCD would cut out before the voltage could do some potentially life threatening damage.

Why you should get your consumer unit replaced?
Replacing your consumer unit will increase the safety of your home and is vital in protecting you against electric shock. The majority of the houses in the UK have an electrical installation that is very outdated. By changing your consumer unit, you are able to have all of your existing circuits tested individually and once they have passed relevant tests, will then all be protected by an RCD. This means that even prior to the tests being carried out, if any of your electrical items in your house were to become unsafe, before it becomes fatal would trip out, a potentially life-saving investment for your home.

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